The Path to Performance

Episode 01 with Lara Hogan

Episode Summary

Etsy has been the model for cultivating a culture of performance within your organization for many years. In our first episode, we talk to Lara Hogan to find out what they do to ensure performance remains upfront and center.

Episode Notes

Welcome to the Path to Performance, a podcast for everyone dedicated to making websites faster.

In this episode, we discuss Tim's latest project, What Does My Site Cost, HTTP2, and a new site for performance audits (

For our interview this week, we're joined by Lara Hogan. Lara is the Senior Engineering Manager of Performance at Etsy and the author of Designing for Performance.

She shares how she uses video to show website performance, how she motivates her Etsy team to care about performance, how to get your clients excited about performance, and more.

Our sponsor this week is Build Right: Workshops for a better web.

Build Right's workshops will help bring you up to speed on the most advanced tools and techniques for crafting the web—and get you excited to build right.

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